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Research has shown that interior planting offers a number of health benefits to people inside buildings, especially those suffering from respiratory and allergic conditions. These benefits include the absorption of airborne toxins and the filtration of dust and dirt from the environment. Plants can also dampen sound levels and release moisture into the air to increase humidity levels and alleviate dry atmospheres caused by air conditioning. Plants can also help to reduce stress levels and stimulate employees' concentration by increasing oxygen levels and reducing excess carbon dioxide.

Natural plants

Planterama offers a full range of exotic, fresh plants and specialist trees, which are sourced from high quality international nurseries.

Artificial plants

A wide range of natural-stemmed, high quality artificial trees and plants is available. These artificial plants are designed to fulfill the role of natural plants in areas where natural interior landscaping is not practical.

Plant containers

An extensive variety of interior and exterior containers is available, designed to complement any environment.

Short-term hire

In addition to the sale and maintenance of interior and exterior plants, Planterama supplies plants on a short-term hire basis for special events, exhibitions and shows.