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Below is a series of image galleries showing examples of our work across the South of England and Midlands for regular clients. Please click on any image within each gallery to open it.

For details of some of our range of planters click here.

Reception Areas

The following are examples of reception areas that we have designed and regularly maintain for our clients:

tn_IMG_3052 Reception area 4 Reception area 1 Tall palms dupreerecepth whiteminitrough Skanskarecep1

Office Planting

The following gallery shows examples of complete office planting schemes:

Office planting 1 Office planting 2 Office planting 3 Office planting 4 tn_IMG_3062

Shopping Centres

The following images show a Cheltenham shopping centre that we have designed and regularly maintain:

Shopping centre plants 1 Shopping centre plants 2 Shopping centre plants 3 Shopping centre plants 4 Shopping centre plants 5

Individual Plants

We can provide a huge range of plants and planters, not only to suit your specific surroundings, but also to provide a variety of planting.  Below are just a few ideas of the types of plants and planters we supply and manage for our clients:

Single plant 1 Single plant 3 Single plant 4 Single plant 6 LimeKentia

Single planter 1 Single planter 2 Single planter 5 Single planter 6 SDC13368